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Cardiovascular Exercise Machine: Underused and Underappreciated

When you think cardio equipment for your home gym/home fitness routine, you likely think treadmill, elliptical machine and/or stationary bicycle. While these are all great picks and will allow you to get an effective heart-pumping workout, their are limits. These cardio machines, particularly the highest quality picks, are often expensive, don’t provide a full-body workout, take up a great deal of space and require maintenance that can be a headache. Have you ever considered a home rowing machine? If not, why? Do you see (and use) them at the gym? Rowing machines are under-estimated as an excellent cardio option and considered to be ‘out of style.’ Think twice before you dismiss rowers as an alternative to your treadmill workout. Before you buy: set a budget to narrow the price range.

You should set a budget no lower than $650. Choose an air rower that uses wind-resistance. These machines are more fluid and feel more natural than hydraulic-resistance rowers. Do your research by reading online customer reviews and visiting expert exercise equipment sites. Look for sales and plan to make your purchase in January (when there are huge sales).